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The mango is a sweet fruit that is enjoyed worldwide; most would say that it is the most consumed fruit in the world. This however was not an easy feat for the mango; it took thousands of years to achieve this status.

Mangoes are fairly high in natural sugar which leads to the question of whether or not you should eat this fruit if you are a diabetic. Most physicians say that you should eat it, in moderation of course. Experts suggest no more than 120 grams should be consumed. Mangos are considered good for the body due to the fact that they have a somewhat low glycemic index. The glycemic index or GI is a measurement that represents how much of a rise the blood sugar results in after consuming any carbohydrate-containing food.

If mangoes are consumed in the correct portions its benefits are incredible. The fruits is high in fiber, vitamins A and C, also contains phenolic compounds that provide various health benefits. The compounds or polyphenols come in both small and large variations, the small one are absorbed into the blood stream while the larger phenols are metabolized in the intestine. The polyphenols are cancer-fighting compounds that are found more abundantly in riper mangos.

Mangoes are also effective in reducing fat build-up; the hormone leptin is affected by the fruit. Leptin is produced in our fat cells and is a factor in fat metabolism. Many studies show that mangos reduce leptin, which in turn leads to weight loss. Along with the amazing effects of mango on your weight, researchers have noted that mango-containing diets show glucose and cholesterol lowering attributes. They have also noted that 1% mango diets have a more powerful effect in reducing blood glucose than diets containing rosiglitazone.

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